Want to hire arduino developer - will be payed

Hi everyone, first post here.

I am looking to hire a developer to program a rough prototype. It's not too complicated however you will need to be able to connect the arduino to iOS via Bluetooth and be able to develop a rudimentary app to control the arduino for demonstration purposes.

PM me for more details about the project - the hired developer will be payed an agreed fee.

Thanks for reading!

Hi, Welcome to the forum.
I'm not an apps programmer; good luck in your quest.

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: Thanks!

Bump - really need some help with this one

Perhaps you should explain what part(s) you need help with.
Developing the iOS application? Getting the application on your iOS device? Getting the application in the Apple store?

Selecting a compatible bluetooth module?

Writing the Arduino application to connect to the bluetooth device?

What is the Arduino to do? What is the iOS application to do?

What is your time frame for completing this project? Where are you located? How much of the hardware are you going to provide? How much are we expected to already have?

How much are you willing to pay?

The more details you provide, the more likely it is that someone will offer to work for you. Who knows? It might even be me if the project sounds interesting (rather than mysterious).

Sorry, I'm new to this so didn't know exactly what I should put.

I will need help with developing the iOS application, selecting the hardware (including the bluetooth module) and writing the arduino application.

The arduino is to learn IR codes on command (from the iOS app) and be able to emit them on command (from the app). The time frame is asap but I don't have an exact date so it should be able to fit around your or whomever's schedule. I am located in the UK and I think the majority of people here are from the US but it shouldn't be a problem regardless of location. I will provide as much of the hardware as is needed for the project. I'm not sure what to expect you to already have as I am new to this.

Payment will be negotiable on further talks of the exact project requirements.

Let me know if you are willing to do the work :slight_smile:


I'm UK based
not done a lot with iOS apps - but happy to learn
IM me if you want to take this further

Have sent you a pm

spookily I have done the same!

Still looking for someone if anyone is interested?

lol you said IOS, bluetooth and NOT TOO HARD all in the same breath!
I’m dying here…
thats a real project man.

Nobody here seems to like IOS....

Nobody here seems to like IOS....

Well, iOS is a closed system. The software to develop iOS applications is free. It costs $100 a year for the ability to upload an application to a real device. That application will then only work for 180 days, after which it will delete itself and any data that the application created.

To get an application onto the iOS device, and have it stay there, the application needs to be submitted to the Apple store. Said application must meet all of Apple's changing guidelines, and must run on all Apple devices.

This submit for approval to available for download process can take a year or more.

Then, there is the issue of actually getting data from the phone to external devices, or getting data from external devices to the phone. That requires proprietary cables.

If the communication is to be via bluetooth, there are a limited number of bluetooth devices that speak Apple's language.

It would be far simpler to develop a web based application, served by the Arduino, that any iOS device could display in a browser. Of course, this means that the Arduino needs to wear an Ethernet shield or a WiFi shield, and be in range of a router connected to an existing network.

The requirements that you have defined aren't all that clear.

The arduino is to learn IR codes on command (from the iOS app)

What is emitting the IR codes? Why does the phone need to tell the Arduino to learn the codes?

and be able to emit them on command (from the app).

One at a time? All at once? Or, will there be different commands from the app to cause it to emit different IR signals?