Want to interface with a Q-Chord strumplate

Hello Arduino geniuses,

Newbie here trying to establish whether the Arduino will do what I want.

Basically I want to get touch information from a Q-Chord strumplate (forum software won’t let me post a link but just google Q-Chord) which I will then be feeding into Max. I have a Q-Chord which I am cannibalizing for this project because I no longer wish to use this big clunky thing with its million unusable buttons and its crappy midi implementation (not to mention its charming burgundy colour scheme) on stage. The strumplate itself is some kind of capacitive sensor I assume. It is divided into 13 “zones” all of which can be on simultaneously - i.e. there is a separate wire for every zone. A ribbon cable comes out of the back of the strumplate and is connected to the main circuit board of the Q-Chord.

So I guess my question is this: Will I be able to simply insert the wire from each zone into an analog input of the Arduino (presumably the Mega since it’s the only model with enough analog ins) and detect the presence or otherwise of a finger in that zone? Or will I need some sort of intermediary hardware to make this work?

Ok, thanks for reading all that! Any answers very gratefully received.

  • sb

To answer that question, more info is needed.

You need to find out exactly what is coming out of each wire in the ribbon cable.

If it indeed is a voltage, then you need to find out how big it is, and if it should be interpreted as on / of for each of the touchplates zones, or something else.