Want to know how to build a wind turbine?

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For anyone interested, I can also recommend this site:


Good DIY information + be sure to check out the forums there.

My first post here!
One of the frustrating things I find when reading these wind power how to's is the lack of detail about slip rings!
The generator, blades and tower are not hard to build, what will make a good installation is how power is transmitted from the generator.

This is why I prefer a savernious or VAWT, that and you don't have to worry about overspeed issues.

VAWT's have enormous startup torque compared to a HAWT.
I've built a small turbine from 4" pvc pipe and I'm going to try using a brushless model aircraft motor as a generator.
The brushless motor in my UAV can pull 20A @ around 12V.
I used to live down the street from a photocopier repair shop, the guy who owned the place let me salvage bearings and, oh joy of joys, nylon gears!
I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I might be wrong, but I think you'll find brushless DC motors use a 3-pahse invertor within their structure to make the motor motor. The process is not reversible ie turning the motor shaft will not make volts on the DC terminals
jack :-/

Yes it will, it will just be AC voltage. All you have to do is convert the AC to DC and voila!

I've already tried it with a drill rotating the motor, it works!
And yes it does produce AC, the correct term is "alternator", so I'll use 2 bridge rectifiers to get DC.

ANY coil passing through a magnetic field will produce current.