Want to make something, but I have no idea how to do it


I posted once before but I didn't get a reply, probably because the question was too vague.

I have made two projects so far using micro-controllers , albeit following a guide. The first was an animated LED strip that responded to music (used this guide http://www.instructables.com/id/Party-Lights-1/ )

The other was a Amazon Echo controlled RGB LED strip for my desk. For this I didn't use a Arduino but I'm sure there is an equivalent way of getting it to work with an Arduino Chip (again I used this guide https://www.hackster.io/pirumpi/voice-control-rgb-led-dd0ba5 ).

What I wanted to do was find a way to mix both the projects, and have an Amazon echo controlled LED strip that also responds to music. Something akin to the Phillips Hue.

I apologize if the answer is obvious, but I am fairly new to micro-controllers and Arduino in general.

Many Thanks, Dan

You're not going to get a lot of hits with this one either probably. Here are some hints that might help you get more traffic.

Read the "How to use this forum -please read" thread at the top of any of the boards. Especially the part about how to post code

Post the code inline, most folks will just skip a thread if someone expects them to click through to find the code. It's just easier to hit the next thread and help the next guy whose code is visible here.

You say you are a newbie, but you have taken on two very complex projects. Are those things you designed and built or do you mean you were just copying off some site and managed to get it to work but don't understand how? Taking the next step you want to take is going to require that you've learned how both of those programs work and understand then intimately.

Lastly, nobody wants to help the, "I got nothing just show me what to do" guy. It never goes well. Usually you end up with someone who tries to compile your suggestion, it gives an error, they don't try anything just post the error back here and wait for you to fix the code for them. If I wanted to do this myself I just would. You gotta look like you're going to be the one putting in most of the work, at least more than just posting your requirements and then posting your error messages. Show us what you've tried so far. Or make an effort if you haven't already. Then you can ask more specific questions about narrower problems and you'll probably get more responses.


when you read how to use this forum, read about subject lines.

there are thousands of eyes that see your subject line. say there are 100 that know your project so well, they can offer help

they see "I have no Idea what to do....."

and they never click on your question.

if you followed the forum rules, your subject line would be something like

connect Alexa to particle proton

and everyone how has any interest will read your question.

second, say you do a search for a post about particle protons and alexa and in your search, the top 20 hits were

newbee needs help newest newbie needs help HELP, I can't figure this out I want to make something, but have not idea how to do it sketch is not working help me get alexa to work with LED's

which one would you click on ?