Want to specify location of IDE

I have searched and can not find this answer. The "Libraries" "feature" is corrupted on my Win7 install. This "feature" has made entire folders of files disappear forever. The Arduino IDE 1.50 .exe install insists on using the Win7 "Libraries". The IDE "guts" have been put in a folder with a name of about 15 digits and the letters "Temp". I wish to avoid tomfoolery like this and do a "clean" install. I intend to uninstall this Arduino IDE .

I have already downloaded the Arduino .zip install file. Within C:/Users/MyName/Projects I wish to have the Arduino folder created (and all of the default folders/files located inside it). Does that mean that I should locate the .zip download in the Projects folder, so that when unzip files is invoked, it creates the Arduino folder under the Projects folder, with all the Arduino IDE inside of the Arduino folder? Is it OK to create the "Libraries" folder within the main "Arduino" folder (if it is not already there)? Do I assume correctly that I will be prompted to install the COM/USB drivers afterwords?

Thanks in advance for any help.