want to start using WiFi with Arduino-begginer question

wanted to know
can I use Arduino WiFi Shield with my board? I have ARDUINO-Ethernet
also , where can I find datasheet about the radio card of it? I need to know it's specification .

In this page - http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWiFiShield I get no tech data

Thanks ,

Since you already have ethernet, you might consider using a WiFi repeater. This is a lot cheaper than the WiFi shield, requires no extra software expertise, and may well be more reliable.

can you maybe recommend one?
I don't want to connect it to a big router or something
I want it to be small - the size of the board.

Thanks ,

This is what I use. There are cheaper models but they are not as versatile.

you didn't say what you are using... :slight_smile:



No ,
thank you - but this is to big for what I need
I was thinking about a small card that work on 5V max

well thanks for the help!

OK, your choice. Read here first.