Want to use wired switches with Openhab

I trying to used wired light switches instead of the smart wireless ones mainly for security and high availabilty i.e when the wifi router or the zigbee/z-wave hubs goes down.

I tried searching on the internet for a commercial readymade modern stylish press button 5V switches but I couldnt find any.

I tried using 3 way light switch to control light side by side with the arduino uno connected to mqtt and openhab.

It is working fine, but the problem is that when I use the physical switch, I cannot update the mqtt topic with the state.

I searched around and I found that I can use the Analog pins in the arduino to measure if there is current going to the bulb from the relay!

Now I am stuck even to find this switch ready or to find an easier way of using the normal switches.

Any ideas!??

This will not be practical for many reasons, first because I cannot have that much analog slots to connect to all my light bulbs on the board. Second, it will be overcomplicated while wiring.

I tried to find another solution

Hmmm. Can you energize an opto isolator from the light circuit? Then you can read the digital state on the low voltage side.