want to write/upload code in Linux C++ environment

hi. i am hoping to switch from the arduino ide to a different environment in linux. i used bloodshed dev c++ in windows and liked that a lot, and now i'm trying to find a replacement in linux.

i am currently taking classes in C++ and thought it'd be wise to start writing my arduino programs in conventional C++ so i can get some more real world practice.

i understand that i need the following things:
A- a C++ development environment, preferably with nice colors/autocomplete - this is not a dealbreaker
B- a way to interface with the AVR
C- the ability to upload the software to arduino via usb
D- programming talent.

i was hoping that you could help me with A, B, and C. i think D may be a little much to ask for, but hey. i'm trying.

thanks for any consideration and suggestions.


i'm reading this right now...


but any further comments would be appreciated.
if anyone cares to illuminate the pros/cons of writing for Arduino in conventional C++, i'd be appreciative.

A: Eclipse, Emacs, Vim, whatever
B: Whatever that means. /dev/usb0 ?
C: avrdude
D: $9.95 the bottle


my god, trying to get eclipse up and running with the necessary plugins made me want to feed a toddler to alligators...neither tutorial i looked at was much help, though i appreciate the authors' efforts.

off to try vim...

or f*ck it, i'm dual booting as is, i might just nix linux for this job and go back to XP for this as there seems to be more documentation.


A sketch is just an ascii source-code file. I edit my sketches with emacs in an X-window all the time, and then use the Arduino IDE to load them into the actual hardware. This works pretty well.

Your .pde sketch IS a c++ program. It's never going to be very "conventional" because a lot of a conventional c++ programming is about finding and figuring out how to use standard classes/libraries that aren't applicable in an embedded environment anyway.

If you don't already have a favorite linux code-development editor, you're probably not going to find one very quickly. Have you looked at what it would take to make "bloodshed c++ dev" work for Arduino? There isn't a lot to the Arduino build process that isn't pretty conventional c++, especially if you make you .pde more standard...

forget eclipse. the latest version breaks a lot of plugins.

Try Scite. There should be a package for your linux already.
and its easy to configure, once you read the manual.

Search for the arduino makes, and integrate it.

Scite needs:
an arduino make
the upload part (avrdude?)
custom API file for code completion (this needs to be a tool to read ALL the keyword.txt files from the libs) and tooltips
custom abbreviations (C++ is a good start).

hey, thanks for the comments.
i'm giving eclipse one last go using old versions of eclipse and arduino. i'm following the best tut i could find (Using Eclipse with Arduino Duemilanove - Chipkin Automation Systems)

scite's setup appears to be out of my league. as someone who is learning C++, following eclipse tutorials is hard enough...doesn't look like Scite+Arduino has that much documentation yet.

it's good to know that i can just write a program in Dev C++ and then copy/paste it into arduino ide to upload it. i'd prefer an all in one environment, but if i need to, i'll just keep using dev C++, which doesn't seem to have any specifications for avrdude.

so, i have options now. thanks for the assistance and encouragement.

It's good to know that i can just write a program in Dev C++ and then copy/paste it into arduino ide to upload it.

No need to copy and paste. Just select the option "Use External Editor" in your preferences. Then the internal editor will be disabled and just used as a viewer and every time you press "Compile" or "Upload", the file is reread. You edit the file in your favourite editor (vi in my case), save it and press the upload button. It's very primitive, but works well enough.