Wanted: Arduino expert for Brisbane based Prototyping Project

We are looking for an experienced Arduino expert to assist in the development of prototypes of our recycling shower systems.

We are based in Brisbane and would ideally like someone who lives within an hours drive of the CBD.

Please email info AT cintepltd DOT com if you would like to know more.



Arduino has world wide scope and presence. More then one country has a city named Brisbane, shall we guess which one?


Brisbane, Australia.

Avoid the problems with Open Licencing and Developement, this space is for free. seek a embedded designer with AVR 168/368 microcontrollers, you can hire a designer on freelancer.com, many eastern european, south asian, developers bidding for projects around $300-500, its cheaper than using any Aussie labor. Also by paying the bill you have 100% control, Arduino is not the place for commerical embedded design. we are here to tinker not make a income.

we are here to tinker not make a income.

Although true for you, it might not be true for all, there are several commercial people on this forum (behaving quite well, thank you) and I have seen students here that would like to have such a job very much just to pay for their hardware ...

That said, there is a special section for gigs & collaboration under Community...


@Nick is the water gone?

phonetic: We are here to tinker not make a income.

It's a pity I can't pedal that fast on my bike, otherwise I surely would have solicited.

I have a friend who got a product written by someone at coders-r-us or whatever, and to be fair the product was delivered at a price that would hardly have paid me for a day.


It took forever, maybe even a year I forget now. And EVERY tiny change takes a month.

Last I heard they had version 2 out, and had been waiting 3 months for the source code.

This probably isn't common (one would hope not) and certainly there are issues with hiring people as well. Just putting another perspective on the "argument".


phonetic: we are here to tinker not make a income.

I'm here to tinker and make an income, personally. I'm a bit more than a couple hours drive away from Brisbane though (like, 7500 miles or so).

How do you plan to drive from CA to Brisbane? Got a long straw?

Step1 is digging a really long tunnel...

Step1 is digging a really long tunnel...

Let me know when you get that done. I've always wanted to visit Australia, but I don't like boats and I don't like to fly.

phonetic: we are here to tinker not make a income.

I disagrea with most things you said there... some of us make an income by tinkering. Also, why should they not prototype with arduino? Thats what arduino is designed to do, after all :-S