WANTED: Arduino person in or near Swindon UK to help with awesome project

Hi all,

I am looking for someone to build me 6 midi controlled robotic arms with the Arduino. There is a budget in place for this project of course and if it works as planned some awesome global travel will be available to the person who can help me.

Please contact me via simon at paramotor motor club dot c om. if your interested and have enough knowledge to build a midi to 2 axis movement robotic arm.

If you think drum kit, that will give you an idea of our needs (but not as complicated)

Many Thanks in advance
Simon W

UK only?

Sorry all..

email is: simon at paramotor club dot o rg

not as posted above.

And yes UK ideally as my first option.

Simon W

Hi Simon,

I have sent you an email

Cheers Pete.

Hi Pete,

I have sent a message to your forum inbox.


Simon W