WANTED: ESP8622 standalone webserver example with http requests

Hi everyone,

I have recently experimented with a wemos D1 board (esp8622). I manage to get a local webserver going over wifi without to much effort, just using the examples.

However when I add http request elements from ethernet examples that have been around since 2010 it refuses to compile.

"ProcessCheckbox() " "request.open(\"GET\", \"ajax_switch\" + nocache, true);");

Are not recognised. The only change I make is including the esp library and setting up a wifi.client instead of ethernet.client. If I take the same sketch and replace the wifi.client with ethernet.client and leave all the libraries the same it suddenly works again. I am at a complete loss.

Can anyone help me?

If there is anyone out there who has a working esp8622 standalone webserver example , It would be so much appreciated.