WANTED:  KS0108 compatible GLCD

I’m looking to buy a KS0108 compatible GLCD (one that can work with the arduino library), but thought ~$20 is a bit steep.

Does anyone have one they don’t want/need that they’d be willing to sell to me (for maybe $10-12 + shipping)?

Any offers appreciated :). Please either PM me, Email me, or post here :).

Here’s one from BG Micro. I haven’t actually tried the one I bought from them, but it should work.

Anyone here ever purchased from them before?

I’m having a hard time finding a good review…

Also, what’s the deal with the driver voltage being ~12V? Does it have to be that high for it to work? 5V is so much more convenient :stuck_out_tongue: (but I suppose it’s probably much too low).

Anyone here ever purchased from them before?

I’ve been buying from BG for over 30 years. I’ve placed dozens of orders, and can’t recall a single thing I considered a “bad deal”.

I missed the -12V requirement. The lack of an onboard Vee generator might well be why BG is charging less than the other U.S. sellers.


Hello Forum,

The satistronics.com at ebay has some KS0108 compatible GLCD,
with fine prices, which I have purchased for a few days ago.
1- 128x64 Graphic LCD (Mini format) price $9.99 + free shipping
2- 128x64 Graphic LCD module - price $14.99 + free shipping,
This one has both parallel and serial interface (pin 15/1= parallel
pin15/0= serial)

As it is my first post, I couldn’t post active link, but you can find them at ebay and satistronics web page.

I Love dealing with BG micro… been using them for years… never had a single issue. They are great to deal with.

I recently bought one from Ebay, from satistronics I think. Sparkfun also has one too.

But Sparkfun’s is currently Out of Stock :P.

I’ll check out that eBay seller.

Yeah, but the Sparkfun one is very similar to the Satistronics one (the same, actually).