Wanted programmer assistance

Hello everyone, My first post,,, 8) I have a project with a deadline for Monday /Tues 4/9. Running about 5-6 sensors that all run, (Temp, RPM, Knock) one servo and one relay and one mosfet array. All run perfectly with their separtate sketchs. I have a zotac thats joins it all that can be accessed remotely. And I do PAYPAL , cash whatever :) What I need is to hire someone to help establish some conditional statements. This will triggers one 5 volt input,, our emergency stop (bascially take 3 of the sensors and have them all trigger the same input trigger) and to assist with Megunolink data and spline. I am new to arduino yet learning it fast just not fast enough. I have a very technical background yes but More importantly this one needs to be right for a much higher purpose, any pros interested in jumping into a very interesting RnD project ;) (This weekend) lol Were in LA area.. Those interested please contact me asap for my number or PM me yours. Thanks in advance Leonard