Wanted: Project Based Mentor

Hello, my name is Chad and I am in a class called project based learning, witch requires you to create a project that will fill your entire term. This project also requires you to find a mentor that has knowledge about the subject of your project. For my project I want to create a small scale home automation system using Arduino or Raspberry pi. If you have any knowledge in this field, or knows someone who does, it would be great if you could be my mentor. Thank you for your time. Or if you have some really cool project ideas that a high school student can do that would be great.

An idea for a project:
Get an old electric scooter and hack it to use arduino and have it do mapping or tracking and following of people. I am currently doing something along the lines of this but I'm still waiting for new batteries.....
Hope that helps,

Hello, my name is Chad

Hello, Chad. It would be best if your mentor was someone close to you, so you could meet on a regular basis. To that end, it would be useful to know where you are located.