Wanted: Simple controller handling high power LEDs and speaker ($$)


I'm looking for someone to do the circuit work and program an arduino controller for me. The controller will be connected to two high power CREE leds with drivers and one speaker. The switch is a multiple mode push button that will send different commands based on the number of clicks from the user. There will be a slight delay after the user has pressed the button after which the leds are to either to turn on at full brightness (setting 1), or strobe (setting 2), or both with delays (setting 3). The speaker is to go off on each setting with similar behavior.

I"m looking for quick turnaround on this because I believe this is a fairly trivial job for anyone who is proficient with the arduino environment/circuitry. There will be compensation which can be discussed after initial project disclosure. Also, upon successful completion of the project, there is a possibility of further work and/or retainer for future consulting.

Please contact me through email as soon as possible.
Thank you!

The programming on this is trivial. Reading the switch transitions is less than a dozen lines of code. Incrementing a counter each time the switch is pressed is one statement.

The switch statement with three cases, with three function calls is another dozen lines of code.

What you want to do in the functions (LEDs on full, LEDs strobing (whatever that means), and LEDs alternating) is trivial, as far as the LEDs go.

What exactly "The speaker is to go off on each setting with similar behavior." means is unclear. I don't believe I've ever heard a speaker strobe. Nor, do I understand what "on at full brightness" means to a speaker.

Some clarification of the requirements is in order.

Now, about the hardware. Is the hardware known to function, or is it a pile of parts that may or may not be complete? Some clarification of the hardware status is in order.

If you are supplying the hardware, vs. a list of part numbers that you hope can be brought together in a usable manner, it is certainly easier if you don't have to ship the parts half way around the world.

Some clarification of your location is in order.

I"m looking for quick turnaround on this...Please contact me through email as soon as possible.

Why do I get the impression that you've waited until the last minute, and are now panicking?

Speaker: basically on one setting, I want the speaker to output a high frequency noise continuously; and on another do bursts of output i.e high frequency noise for 3 seconds, then 1 second delay, then noise again for 3 and so on.

Hardware: Almost all of the major components have been sourced and I have them along with part numbers. I can either ship the parts or they can be purchased separately and shipped directly to you. Also, based on the hardware; you could tell me what else is needed in terms of controllers/etc and I can supply those as well.

This is a personal project that I have been sitting on for a while and I want to get it out of my pipeline as quickly as possible without any further delay. I originally tried to tackle a few myself but I just don't have the time to learn the environment nor do I have the knowledge to create the circuitry. As mentioned, I have a few other projects after this that I'd like to get done as well.

I'm located in Southern California.

I'm located in Southern California.

Me too... What part of So. Cal.? I may be able to help you out.