Warm atmega328p

My friend zapped is atmega328p. He used a faulty wall adapter the was not giving 9v DC but more like 36v AC!

Thank God he was working on a breadboard on did not kill is Arduino board. He fried the 5v regulator, and now his atmega328p stile works but it gets hot in the middle near the location of the two crystal pins. Any idea on what could be damaged inside? Can we had something on the outside to help the chip? Like replacing internal burnt resistor or diode? I don't know?........just fishing for ideas?


Without measurements you cannot be certain. However, if the IC is getting warm, there is most likely a fault inside of the IC. (IC being ATmega328).

Can we had something on the outside to help the chip?

Quite simply no.

Yes can't do anything to rectify that but if the rest of the pin's are working then it's simply fine use those because if come major problem between the Crystal pin's would have happened then without making the chip use it's internal oscillator it's impossible to make it work , but if even after getting warm the chip is working okey with not being configured for using the internal clock @8mhz then it mean's the chip's internal Architecture is Fine!, could be the 20k resistor's inbuilt at every pin of the CHIP would be faulty at 9 and 10 pin's(Crystal).