warm white color or close to it using RGB led strip?

Hello trying to make a warm white color using RGB led strip that is not addressable. I'm not sure at what voltage for each color to come close. I looked around online and found many colors but not a type of warm white. Can someone help me out this is for programming question i hope.

What are you using to control the current? Resistors? With several resistors of the same value you can mix them in combination of series and parallel to get different values.

Buy a combination set of different value resistors.

When you have it worked out, use your multimeter to measure each resistor group and then buy exact values for permanent installation.

Hello Morgan The led strip has it's own resistors. It is a 5v strip. I cut it down so only have 1 Meter strip 3FT and I'm using NPN transistors with 10k resistors to the arduino. Not sure what the value of the resistors are because it's under a waterproof coding. They came from walmart.

So you have the transistors working? You can use analogWrite()?

Then what is the problem?

Everything working good. The problem I'm having is that not sure what type of values for the RGB to make it warm white or close to warm white color as i can. I been searching online and a little lost.

It's probably implementation-specific, go with trial and error.

Yeah i kinda figure that out too gfvalvo. I just just trying to get as close as i can. But always trial and error wins every time :slight_smile:

It is surprisingly difficult to see exact colors. Most people don't know what "warm white" is and they don't know their lightbulbs are really yellow.

But it is very easy for your eye to compare colors. Put two light sources side-by-side and even people with seriously compromised color vision can tell you if they are the same or different. So when you are adjusting your LEDs, always have a comparison such as a common lightbulb.

Sir Isaac Newton did a lot of work on this, after he solved gravity. His published papers are still relevant.

check one off for Sir Isaac Newton :slight_smile:

Run a loop with a delay to change RGB values and print values to serial. Look out for the color you need.
If you can't find the color you are looking for, overcome the obstacle by combining few LEDs together to join the spectrums.

I was never able to get a satisfying approximation of warm white with RGB LEDs. As you are probably discovering in the course of your trial and error, you can get cool whites, or various orangey, yellowish, or salmon colors, but nothing that would be called "warm white".

I would try SK6812 LED strip (works similarly to WS2812) RGBWW LED strip with the warm white LEDs if you want to do RGB and also get a decent warm white. (To find on ebay, search SK6812 RGBW, then look at the listing - most of the listings have multiple selectable options at the top, with a menu for LED color, pick the warm white or RGBWW option)

If you just want warm white, you can get warm white LED strip with single-color non-smart LEDs too (eg, search for warm white led strip)