Warning About Seeeduino Products A ROLL CALL

I have experienced many issues with these people called Seeed or Seeedstudio. The other day I ordered a Raspberry Pi 4 8Gigs Ram and it came that there is no way to get audio from the headphone jack. I own about more than 10 of Raspberry Pis from other sellers and never had any issue with audio. I solved to use a USB audio output and, ok, no big deal here. But the thing got worse when I ordered a Wio Terminal and the first day it worked fine. The other day after it arrived, I tried to use it and there was not a way that the Arduino IDE configured the USB port for it. Then, I noticed that the case was getting extremely hot. I decided to open the case to see what was getting so hot, and it was the microcontroller IC that burned. I don`t know what was that destroyed the ic, because I have everything working fine, power supplies and everything. I think the reason is bad quality, really bad quality. If I have to claim these people for replacement, a small case from USA to China costs about $50 dollars for postage. If you experience bad quality and receive bad merchandise from these people, please post here your case. Maybe these people can learn to make business with us.

I have a couple of seed products and no issues at all.

Where possible I try to avoid the larger brand names as prices are often a factor in my decisions.

There has been a marked trend for higher shipping costs recently throughout the online buying experience.
Again that may factor into my decisions almost as much as the need for the item.

No idea what "dillars" are maybe they are a good price maybe not ?