Warning in front of the selected controller

Why is this warning singn allway present? The IDE will work absolutely normal.


Hi @RudolfAtRTC. This indicator is shown when the Arduino IDE 2.x could not auto-detect the port for the board. Some Arduino boards (e.g., Uno, Mega, Leonardo, MKR, modern Nanos) use a unique VID/PID USB identifier, which allows a port to be identified as belonging to a specific board. Other boards, such as the classic Nano, use a general purpose USB to serial chip (e.g., FT232R, CH340, CP2102, PL2303), which uses the manufacturer provided VID/PID. There is no way to identify which board is associated with a port that has that VID/PID because that chip could be on any type of Arduino board, or even some random piece of electronics that has nothing to do with Arduino.

You're not the first to be confused by this icon. An investigation is planned for how this situation can be improved so that the IDE more clearly communicates the situation to the user: https://github.com/arduino/arduino-ide/issues/200

Many Thanks. If I know that, I can live with it.

You're welcome. Hopefully it will cease to be an issue in a future release. As you say, once you understand the meaning of this symbol, it's fine, but the IDE should be designed in a manner where the meaning of things is as intuitive as possible so each user doesn't need to go through the same confusion.

Can the warning icon be moved to the right of PORT name, so that it’s more intuitive that it has something to do with the PORT?