*WARNING* Nano 33 BLE Sense Magnetometer Fail

Hi There,

Just noticed that the "x" magnetometer value on my SENSE is stuck at 399.99. Any way to reset it?

So I think I may know what caused my "mag x" to fail. Feel free to comment. I like to use the magnetic USB cables for convenience. I leave the USB end in a few boards that I am currently experimenting with and just switch the board onto the end of the cable. Convenient and saves wear and tear on the fragile board connector. I may have inadvertently laid the magnetic end of the cable on or too close to the Nano Sense and because of the strength of the magnet, permanently distorted the "x" sensor.

Just putting it out there so nobody else makes the same mistake.


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What kind of a nerd are you? Are you doing physical exercises? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The datasheet of the LSM9DS1 states: MEF Maximum exposed field 1000 gauss

A modern magnet can create this kind of magnetic flux density at the surface. But it drops quite quickly. You must have been unlucky for it to come within a few mm of the sensor. Did you try to apply the strong field from different sides while the board is running some sensor test?

I got myself a couple of short USB cables that I leave connected to the Arduino board while I am working. I plug and unplug the Type A side e.g. to my PC or a battery pack.

Hi Klaus_K,

I have occasionally been referred to as a jock by some nerd friends :grin:.

I will try exposing the opposite side of the sensor to see if I get a counter response. I will keep some distance, however.


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