warning: "sprintf_P" redefined

Is the following IDE warning of any concern - could it cause issues?:

In file included from C:\Users...\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network/RF24Network.h:20:0,
** from C:\Users..._Teensy_110518.ino:13:**
C:\Users...\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network/RF24Network_config.h:88:0: warning: "sprintf_P" redefined
** #define sprintf_P sprintf **
In file included from C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy3/WProgram.h:41:0,
** from C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy3/Arduino.h:3,**
** from C:\Users...\arduino_build_11942\sketch..._110518.ino.cpp:1:**
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy3/avr/pgmspace.h:71:0: note: this is the location of the previous definition
#define sprintf_P(s, ...) sprintf((s), VA_ARGS)

It seems to cause no issues, but I'm wondering if that will always remain so.
If I can safely ignore it then that's what I'd rather do as tricking around with libraries I don't yet fully comprehend is something I'd rather leave for now...

Yes, you can ignore the warnings.