Was Stirling Moss as good as Lewis Hamilton ?

This question may be more meaningful for UK members of the Forum


Apples and oranges. The cars and the racing are so much different that I can't see a way to fairly compare the two.

At least Lewis has now got a knighthood.


I would also be of the same opinion as GF.

Todays sport bears little resemblance to that of yesteryear in so many aspects and not least of all its very high profile in terms of both popularity and more so money.

Unsurprisingly the side rewards such as a knighthood can come with the high profile.

Moss was one of the best of his day and Hamilton of the current British crop of drivers.

Looking forward to the new season and its new regulations.

An example of how quickly things change in the sport was brought home to me a number of years ago when James Hunt and Jackie Stewart were commentating on a race.

One of the drivers lost a rear tyre after a puncture, and Stewart went off on a rant about how the driver should have known what was about to happen, because he should have seen the concave surface of the tyre in his mirror.
Hunt gently let him down (no pun intended) saying how long it was since Stewart had raced, because the (then) modern tyres operated at much lower pressures than Stewart had been used to, and didn’t dip so much, and so such a puncture could go unnoticed.