Watchdog timer also usable at AtTiny85?

Hi there,

i tested successfully this code to set the Arduino Uno asleep and also wake it up again:

Now, i have seen that i can use the Arduino IDE and an Arduino Uno as an ISP for the AtTiny AVRs:

I have an AtTiny85 available and i understand how to set it up / use the Uno as programmer from the link.

My only question is - taking the code / example from the first link, can i just put it onto the Tiny85, or do i have to change something to the program?

Because - as i see - the Tiny85 runs at 1 MHz and maybe is missing the needed internal hardware?

(So I want a Tiny85 to wake up the same as above every 8 sec via the watchdog timer..?)

The ATtiny85 has similar watchdog as the ATmega328p, so the code should run as is. Just take care that you set the compilation environment correctly so the sketches know that they run on a 1MHz chip.