Watchdog Timer (how to?)


I´m new to 101 and need to use watchdog timer to reset the board on IOT comunications failure but I can´t see how to access it.
Any help or something to read?

Thank you!

the Curie TimerOne library should handle this with little modifications (since every timer can be setup as a watchdog timer).
You could open an issue on GitHub - arduino/ArduinoCore-arc32 so this functionality could be integrated in the next core APIs

Thank you facchinm for your reply but I can´t see how to reset.
We really can use TimerOne as watchdog but then how to reset the board? For now I just see the hack of wiring a digital pin to reset pin and make it happen from there.
Is there any other way of doing a reset on this board?
In the meanwhile I'll open an issue as you suggest.


I don't know an answer for the Curie, but for other platforms, there are hacks you can do to generate a software reset of the board (an interrupt through the Power On Reset vector.) Namely, attempt to write the flash without the proper password. I am new to the Curie, so maybe this idea is way off base.