Hi all!

I know this is not an easy question and when I should use a Watchdog ?

My worry is that including this could cause more problems than benefits, because I'm not an expert on

watchdog timer ( and electronic in general ;) )

Hope someone could reply or explain better this topic. :)


There are a lot of scenarios where you might want to use the WDT. They’re an especially good idea where an MCU controls machinery or other apparatus that could potentially be quite dangerous if it malfunctioned.

If you’re not controlling anything like that then no need to worry about the WDT right now. Plenty of Arduino projects get done without any use of the WDT. :slight_smile:

A watchdog can be used for several purposes. One is watching continuous input, e.g. from a master control, and to enter a safe state on loss of connection. Similarly if the controller is overloaded, and fails to react on all input changes in time. Another one is waking up the controller at regular intervals, as kind of a timer in low power (battery) applications.