Water consumption scale

Hello all,

i would like to create a sort of scale for tracking daily water consumption. I'm trying to understand how to sense differences in weight for a bottle of water during the day. Which kind of sensor would you use? Take into account that the expected weight is between 500 gr and 2Kg.

Cheers, Massimiliano

Sounds like a kitchen weigth scale (right word?) many are digital today and some have a range up to 2 KG, You could check if you can “hack the display” …

Which kind of sensor would you use?

For that kind of sensing search and research on load cells or strain gauge


@retrolefty: Thanks i'll check that.

@robtillaart: yes a digital scale (like those used in kitchen) is a good start. In this case i'm trying to create a product from scratch so the point is still there.. Thanks for suggesting anyway!

I'm all for "mad" projects... if you knew the things I've spent time on, you'd see that!

However... if the main reason for doing this is to actually track water consumption, by a human, from a bottle that lives in the kitchen...

Why not just get (or make) a bottle graduated with volume measure marks, and note the volume of water remaining in the bottle after each drink/ each refilling?

I know... no fun... but would get the "am I drinking enough?" job done, and free up time for even more fun other projects....

Now where did I put that beer keg, speaking of "drinking enough..."....

@tkbyd: The main reason for not using a graduated bottle is, as you said, no fun in doing that.. Secondly, you can use an arduino based solution for uploading data on the cloud. :)