water controller

Does anybody know if there is a way to control water with an arduino, I've seen one on YouTube using a orbit water valve but they're not really available in the uk has anybody got another idea of how I could control water in and out of a tap?

Motorized ball valves should be availlable

nilton61: Motorized ball valves should be availlable

I just bought one from eBay. Plenty available. Reasonable price.


I guess the English don't need watering systems for their gardens so they don't have the valves? There must be some source of automatic irrigation systems for domestic gardens. Ask at your local garden centre.

Most of those systems use 24v solenoids.

An old washing machine is a good source for solenoid valves, but most of those are 230v. A newer machine may have a 12v valve - I'm not really sure.


Brilliant, Thanks for the replies. Ill take a look at those!