Water Cylinder Thermostat

I am using my Arduino to control my hot water/hearing system. There is a thermostat on the hot water cylinder and I was wondering if there might be a way to use my Arduino to get the current temp of the water by reading the thermostat.


That's the thermostat. The input and output is 230V, switches it on and off depending how hot the water is.

No. It is just a switch.

there is a bi-metal sensor.
that is a device that has two different metals bonded together.
they expand at different rates so the metal moves as it gets hotter.
you could put a sensor on the unit to monitor movement. but since it pushes on a switch, the switch restricts movement.

ergo, no joy. you will have to add a separate sensor.

Ok, thanks. Never mind then, I'll give up on that idea.