Water Display With LED'S - Beginner Needing Help!!

Hi Everybody,

I'm a Product Design student working on a Physical Computing Module where I'm hoping to create a Water Fountain display which acts with music. I'm aiming at five water jets which I want to program differently for each so they each react and come on to a different frequency. When they come on I want them to be accompanied by an illuminated LED.

I'm very new to Arduino and electronics in general (my second project ever) and I'm unsure really how to go about creating it. I've purchased...

Components Got

Sound Detector https://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/sound-detector.html

5 x http://cpc.farnell.com/adafruit-industries/997/solenoid-valve-plastic-water-12v/dp/SW04771

I presume I require a pump as well and was aiming at purchasing this or similar to then split the water to five jet via the Solenoids


Have I gone about this right?

Any help I would be very grateful or any directions to existing projects which will help me get underway

Kind Regards

You also need to review hydraulics. Each additional valve that is opened will make all the others shoot less water because the pressure is now reduced. Reverse is also true as you close valves.

Be sure to add a pressure regulator to your list of components.

The other items on your list, I have no idea about.