Water Level for 4 tanks

Hi everyone, I’m trying to make replace a normal LED water level I have in my RV for one with a Arduino and TFT screen. I have currently 4 tanks with a UTP cable (8 levels) and a circuit with leds to see the level in each tank. The idea is migrate this to Arduino and a TFT touch screen to replace the led circuit. I found a few for 1 tank but it’s no useful to me because I want to have all the info in 1 screen. And if possible use BT or WiFi to see it in a smartphone. If someone can help me with the project I’ll really appreciate it.
I need something like this but without wireless link between sensors and screen for 4 tanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdq5BanVS0Y

When you are attempting to modify an existing system, you really need a schematic of the existing system to begin the work. So do we if you expect help from the forum.

Just to be sure I understand, these are the circuits for your EXISTING RV system? Sure different from mine!

This is not my RV system, this is the one shown at the youtube video I linked. Mine is just like this one, just without the buzzer.Water-Level-Indicator-Alarm-circuit-diagram

I see. Mine also has 3 waste tanks and one fresh water tank. The display is a push button for each tank, plus a button for the battery voltage.
Do you intend to take your entire system out and then add the replacement system, or do you have some other plan?

Both works for me, I don’t mind installing everything new because I’m doing a full renovation of the RV interior and isolating the floor from outside so I removed all the tanks to work. How did you do yours? can you please show me? I have a Arduino Mega 2560 with a sensor shield and a Nano with a shield also, a few ultrasonic sensors, etc. But I’m not sure if the wired system or the ultrasonic one is better for this. I have 1 tank for gray waters, 1 for clean water, 1 for waste and one with a mix for the nautical toilet (copper sulphate, fabric softener as disintegrant and water).

Mine is just the way it came from the factory and I don’t intend to mess with it.
A more fundamental question is: from your description, your proposed system will be powered on continuously rather than like mine which only draws power when I push a button. We camped in the boonies for a week or more at a time and saving batteries is more important than continuous monitoring.

No, I won’t make it work continuously, I’ll make it work only when the motor is running or when a key is on. Anyways I have my RV designed to live off grid with 4 400w solar panels, 4 deep cycle battery of 170ah each, inverter generator of 3000w, etc. so energy isn’t a problem for me.

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