Water level sensor

currently i am doing a project using water level sensor yet i am a new learner so i am not sure about what i am doing is correct. The working principle of this sensor is when the water contact with the copper in this sensor then will produce a voltage. The voltage produced is due to the resistance change of copper. Is my knowledge towards this sensor correct? I am finding the datasheet for this sensor, is there anybody can help me? Thank you very much

Perhaps when you find the data sheet and include it for others to read you can get some help.


The resistance of the copper is not changing. It is the resistance of the water between the two pieces of copper that is changing. The resistance of the water will also change depending on the dissolved minerals so the resistance value is not really a very reliable measure of water level. It’s fine for detecting when the water level has reached the sensor but not for how far up the sensor the water has reached.

What information do you need to get and how accurate does it need to be? We may be able to recommend a sensor that will do what you want.

I wonder if this is what he has :http://www.hotmcu.com/water-level-sensor-liquid-water-droplet-depth-detection-p-113.html.

I looked at Google pictures and this seems to fit the narrative! Not much documentation.