water meter reading

Hello, I'm investigating whether or not I can hook up an Arduino to my water meter to obtain meter reading. I found the manual for my water meter. The meter itself sits inside my house. According to the manual, there is some kind of ASCII interface. There are two wires running from the meter up into the ceiling, then it look like it goes to a utility junction box outside the house that is locked. Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with how I might hook up an Arduino to it to read usage.

From "5/8 - 1" SR (AMR-275)" manual found here:


AMR SYSTEMS COMPATIBILITY The Sensus ICE Register is adaptable for installation and interrogation in either a two-wire TouchRead modeor three-wire AMR mode, making it totally compatible with existing systems that use either mode. The meter reading data, which consists of the odometer reading and the register ID number, are transmitted in ASCII standard code that is used by most of the data-communications industry.

ASCII PROTOCOL For each wheel on the odometer ASCII encoding contains10 bits of information that include a start, stop and parity bit, the latter used to insure that the interrogation device has correctly received the data from each wheel. The Sensus ICE Register extends the use of the ASCII-based communication protocol first utilized by Rockwell, in 1984. Although additional data fields have been incorporated, the register can be read by any AMR reading device that could read earlier ECR registers. The Sensus three-wire AMR interface protocol is made available to other AMR equipment manufacturers, thereby insuring the compatibility of Sensus ECR registers with present and future AMR systems and networks.

caution is advised. if you tamper with any part of the unit, there may be fines.

no you may not touch the wire or connections. however you are allowed to have a optocoupler on the outside on the small liter wheel.

Dave's advice is good. You might find it simpler to install your own water turbine and use that one just for calibration.