Water pressure (Pipe not tank) sensor for arduino

I'm trying to build a data logger system that can measure water pressure, flow and temperature. I have resolved everything except the pressure sensor I am thinking of using one of these http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/pressure-sensors/2355807/

I assume it would need to be brought down to 5v for the Arduino but I am unsure how to do this, is there any better sensors I could use/ any idea if a normal amplifier will do this?

What pressure range do you need ? (what is it for ?)

Its for the general mains, so around 1-2 bar Maximum I guess.

Its just to measure pressure off a pipe, so you can observe differences in flow with pressure changes.

Normal mains water pressure is 30 psi. The sensor you linked has a max of 5 psi. It won't work.

Ok great so just multiple the output to get the anticipated values.

and this one would do the trick as its rated to 250psi?

Thanks all for your help!

The resolution would suck because the scale is too high.
You should look for one 0 - 50 psi (if you can't find 0 - 30. At the very worst, 0 - 100, but 0 - 250 is just too high. The accuracy would be terrible for your application. (the error would be too large)

Normal mains water pressure is 30 psi.

Not really. Maybe in Moundou when the pumps are failing but, in most countries, one would expect at least 100 psi. and a 0-250 sensor would be most appropriate,.

Google says 40 psi for most applications. (50 on the high side)