Water pump food grade

I am looking for a Water pump food grade but I don't know if the pump that I bought is certificated. I don't really know how to check it, the pump that I bought is the model zc-a40 and that one is the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-12V-550L-H-Brushless-Magnetic-Submersible-Water-Pump-Koi-Fish-Pond-Garden-/290751029113?pt=UK_HomeGarden_Garden_PondsWaterFeatures_UK&hash=item43b21c9f79#ht_4367wt_1399

There is a safe website where I can buy another one that is food grade?

I have to do a little project where the liquid is moved, that hove must be drinkable.

How much flow do you need (gallons/liters per minute) and how much pressure? You need ~1 PSI of pressure for every 3 feet of lift.

I dont need a powerful pump, I just fill up a glass of water that is about 300 ml. if that takes 20 seconds o less it's fine.


You should be able to find this same pump at a lot of different places including eBay.

I am a little bit skeptical, should I trust amazon?

Well , never mind I am going to contact the seller and then I can check with him.

Thank you to answer :)

max246: Well , never mind I am going to contact the seller and then I can check with him.

Thank you to answer :)

I sincerely doubt that pump is "food grade"; for one thing, it doesn't cost enough...

Now - will it cause you harm to drink liquids pumped by it? Doubtful. However, you may be limited in what liquids you can pump - plain water is probably OK, but anything with a high alcohol concentration, or anything else which can affect the operation of the pump (seal deterioration, or leaching of the likely non-food grade lubricant) might pose problems.

Of course - this would all only be for "personal use". If you try to install whatever it is you are building into a commercial operation (kitchen, food service, etc) and the health inspector sees it, you won't pass (assuming that's all they do, of course)...

I chased down the manufacturer (Dongguan Zhonglong Motor) and it is spec'd as a food grade pump.

I have to pump water and it will be a personal project, nothing that is for public.

@Chagrin: this company is the same that has made the pump on Amazon?

Ok guys I found a company that has a genuine pump, the company is TOPSFLO, you can check the website. I will let you know how much does it cost ;)

This one also seems usable, and if I’m not mistaken, the external gear pump principle is also self-priming.

I dont trust it, if you want to move drinkable liquid, just spend a little bit for you safety and make sure that they have a FDA certificate!