Water pump Remote Control with GSM mobile phone

Help me,I wanted to do a cheap circuits (not too expensive) with Arduino Duemilanove (microcontroller Atmega328) a remote control who controlled by the water pump from 1.1kW with power supply 220 V to star up and block with GSM mobile phone and you can write a programming code,because I'm a beginner.Thank you very much.

When you're talking about 1kW of power remotely controlled, the word "cheap" shouldn't really figure in your first spec.

Have you considered the safety aspects?

Awol,you have any idea about water pump and remote control with Arduino Duemilanove????

Yes, I do. I'd look at all kinds of safety features and fail-safes before attempting to implement it, though. I'd also check all of my insurance policies.

A mechanical relay would be your best bet, what type of application is the pump being used for? irrigation?

to star up and block with GSM mobile phone

Can you better explain what you are talking about here? Is the GSM mobile phone to be used as a remote controller to send signals to the pump from a remote location, or is it to be used as a GSM receiver at the pump?

@Richard Crowley,thank you for your advice. I think about a cheap circuits with Arduino Duemilanove for open/close with a GSM phone an irrigation electric pump with remote control about 273 yds/546 yds (250/500 meters).Next time I send you an electric scheme.