water solenoid valve suppression


I'm going to be driving some 24v DC 250ma solendoid valve via a FDC7030 logic level Mosfet which I know should have a flyback diode fitted across its coil.

I have used 240vAC solenoids before and found they were the biggest culprits in causing the micro to reset, usually when the solenoid was switched off.

Is there any extra interference protection I could add this mosfet / dc solenoid circuit to ensure the Arduino runs trouble free.

Use twisted pair from the solenoid to the drive circuit, but preferrably keep the driver close to the solenoid.

Use twisted pair for distributing the 24V supply to the drive circuits.

Decouple the drive circuits.

Perhaps use opto-couplers in the drivers.

24V is a lot less noisy than 240Vac, which is working in your favour.