Water sprinkler alarm

Hi It's time to ask for help...been scratching head for too long. I need to build an sprinkler alarm for two scenarios 1. No flow in 12hours ( ie sprinkler didn't water) 2. Excessive flow ( broken pipe...flow for more than 40mins). I have a reed that will sense the Hall effect , it pulses every 250mls.

I have searched and most program's are for making water meters ( counting flow). This alarm is even simpler, it's just alarms if no flow in 12 hours or water flow for more than 40 mins. Any help much appreciated.

What you want to Check . 1) you wanna check Water tank level. SO that if no water in tank you got indication 2)Excessive flow from Where??? 3)

Hi The reed is attached to a water meter, sending pulse to the Uno. Excessive flow -broken pipe/tape left on etc.

The reed is attached to a water meter, sending pulse to the Uno.

So, you know when a pulse arrives. If the time between two pulses is greater than some value, it's been too long, so sound an alarm.

The other part is a bit trickier, since you need to know how fast the pulses arrive when using the minimum amount of water. This defines the maximum time between pulses to be considered "water flowing". If the time between two pulses is less than the maximum time, water is flowing. You can, therefore record when that event happened, when water was not already flowing.

If "water is flowing" and has been for more than some interval, the water has been on too long, so sound the other alarm.

The first thing you need to do is to read something from the sensor.