Water tank level discussion

Hi Sir,

A float valve? can you elaborate sir on this how it may be working?


Hi Nishant,

A float valve is a simple mechanical valve that is opened by a lever that has a float on the end. When the water level drops so does the float and that opens the valve. Water comes in to fill the tank and at some point the float rises to a level that turns the valve back off.

Here's an example

If I remember your application correctly (it's been several months) I think this will do the job and it doesn't need any electronics.


Hi Mr. Rob,

please look onto the following connection:

Pipe(main gvt. distribution line)====Pipe(personal household owned pipe understreet connecting to main govt. line)>Motor>pipe>Watertank(at 1st or 2nd floor)

so the need is to detect water at Pipe(main govt. line) and if its there then switch on the household motor and fill up the water tank and then shut off the motor when tank is fully filled.


Why do you need the motor? Is the pressure so poor it doesn't reach the 2nd floor?


Do you want me to split the valve topic from the speedometer topic?
They seems to have diverged quite a way.

@ Awol yes you can split the topic and change the lane.

@ Mr. Rob yes you are right the pressure is so weak that one needs a motor that too a 1.5 or 2 horse power motor to have water loaded up at 2nd level.

alright, so stick a pressure sensor on the supply line at ground level, a float valve in the tank, not that difficult. Doesn't even need a microcontroller. Did this with a fishtank last week (auto top off unit, essentially same as you're doing)

pressure switch inline with float valve inline with motor. There must be pressure AND low tank level to run motor.Only one or other, motor doesn't run.

OK I see.

I think the following

mains----pressure switch 1-----pump-----pressure switch 2-----float valve----tank

PS1 allows the pump to run only when there is mains pressure.

The float valve controls flow into the tank, when the tank is full the float valve shuts off, the pressure builds up and PS2 turns off the pump.

Note that most pumps have PS2 built into the pump.


That seems pretty simple, i think that will work , so for the raw material like the pressure switch can you guide me which one could be better.

Sorry I don't have any recent experience with them. All I can suggest is to start Googling.