Water thermostat


I am a new user from Denmark(literally new), i have no knowledge about arduino, but i have heard about it being good for projects.

I have therefor given my self a challenge, that since i cannot find what i need, ill have to make it myself.

I want to try and make a wireless water thermostat, all it has to do is show me the tempature of the water, i would like to monitor the tempature of my 3 aquariums on a display of some sort.

Is this possible? if so, could i be given links to the components i need? I have no idea what to look for to be honest.

Thank you for your time reading this. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.

When you say "remote/wireless", is the display remote from the tanks, and are the tanks remote from each other?

When you say "display", do you have preference for LCD, LED, web page?

The simplest option, for a beginner, would probably be to use a 20x4 character lcd attached to one Arduino, plus one ds18b20 temperature sensor per tank (these are available in waterproof probe-style versions), either attached to the same or different Arduinos (possibly small Arduinos like Pro Micro). For wireless comms, nrf24l01 units may be the simplest/cheapest option.