Waterproof boxes

Can anyone point me at a source of waterproof boxes, preferably with a clear lid.

Needs to be able to float and waterproof for imersion to a couple of meters.

Its for a LoRa tracker to be used on the water, there will be Alkaline batteries inside so a clip top type box would be ideal.

Size around 15cm x 10cm x 5cm

Something like a Peli Micro case (IP67) would be good, but they are not cheap;

Peli Micro 1020

To be purchased in Australia.

There's little point asking for vendors unless you indicate which territory you are in...

Added a note, I am in the UK, but the boxes will be purchased from Australia.

Well I can't help with Australia, but I can say that cheap copies of Otterboxes on eBay are definitely not