Waterproof Connectors

I need some connectors that are waterproof, for use outdoors when it may be raining.

They only need to be 5v rated as they would be signal wires only, 2 pin and 4 pin panel/chassis female and an inline male.

Normal RJ45 and CAT5 would do what I need if there are waterproof versions.

I'vd hunted so far without luck. Could just be rubbish search terms.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

It depends on what you want to make. Can you give us a little more detail about your project? :slight_smile:

How many signals do you need to connect? What kind? Most suppliers will have
a whole section of mil-spec connectors which come with varying levels of environmental
protection (jargon for water resistance) upto full marine specs.

Check out Bulgin http://www.bulgin.co.uk/ They specialise in waterproof connectors and are reasonably priced

Farnell and RS carry most of their kit that I've ever needed.

I have a unit with LED indicators. I want an auxillary connector to add an extension box with just more LEDs. The extension LEDs are controlled by transistors and power will be local, so the lead just needs to carry a signal to transistor base (RGB) and a commom Gnd.

This may end up being LED strips, such as WS2801, so I guess I should look at whether those connectors are waterproof.

The other option is connectors internal with something like a stuffing gland to pass through to keep moisture out.

Thanks for the suggestions. It's good having IP65 enclosures until you want to connect things together!