waterproof ultrasonic sensor 16mm

I have been trying to design a circuit using this waterproof sensor but not able to find any working test circuit.


Please help me. :)

Use google to search the forum for terms "arduino hexamite" - hexamite is a company who sells both bare transducers (similar to yours) and complete measuring systems. Anyhow, I have posted numerous times on this forum about their circuits (mainly because they show how to use a single transducer instead of two - which makes for a slightly more complex circuit - but it is neat to understand how it works) - and in a lot of those posts I also post about various other ultrasonic driver circuits. Some of those you may have already seen or tried, but maybe there are some you haven't.

Thanks for the response. :) I tried the circuits u suggested but i want to display the distance measured by the sensor on the serial monitor. Please suggest a way forward. :(