I have recently finished my UNO R3 powered HOME weather Station, incorporating, Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure. I would now like to incorporate a Lux Meter and UV sensor.

Recently i have read that these sensors do not work properly shielded by normal glass or clear plastic as both these materials effect the way natural light passes though them, ultimately giving false readings.

I have considered using a BH1750 sensor for LUX reading, and a UV30A sensor for UV Level sensing, but how can i waterproof these sensors without effecting their performance?

Can anyone help me with this problem?



Glass is fine. Most plastics will block or attenuate UV.

Typical window glass blocks most UV under 320-330 nm, so all of the UVB spectrum. Don't know whether that's good enough for this sensor; a quick Google doesn't turn up any information about it.

The circuit boards for both devices have gone through water washing, and perhaps solvent washing.

So, you can waterproof all you want, EXCEPT the transparent cover of the IC, which needs to see the light. The transparent cover and the IC is already waterproof.