Wave Shield = No 9V?

I'm attempting to use the Wave Shield.

The problem is when I switch over using a Duemilamove from USB to 9V the program seldom works. It works fine w/ USB. Is the 3.3V voltage regulator on the shield prohibiting external power supply above 3.3V? It was working fine with a 9V battery weeks ago when I first put it together.

Reading the documentation, I found this.

There is a jumper that allows you to skip the regulator and use the 'built in' 3.3V supply from the Arduino. However, it is not suggested as that supply is not guaranteed to provide the current necessary.

Where is the jumper? Will this solve my problem?

The Wave Shield has its own regulator for 3.3V, it does not use the 3.3V coming from arduino board (which is low current, as you say, and generated by the FTDI chip). In theory, it should work when powered by 9V. I have the wave shield at home, I will try it tonight to confirm that it works.

It could simply be the charge level of your 9V battery. Do you have a 9V DC wall adapter? I've found the analog components of another shield have significantly different performance when the battery is starting to fade below 7V. Go much further, and the 5V regulator will stop working entirely.

yes, I am using a wall outlet.

I have the Arduino Duemillanove plugged into the wall using a 9V adapter. The Arduino is powered, but when it starts to read from the card nothing happens. I hit the reset button and the orange light on the Arduino starts to blink (three times) and then stops. It seems like it reads the contents of the card, because sometimes the first track will repeatedly play, when it should cycle through ten tracks on the card. I am running the basic example sketch. Like I said earlier, the program runs flawlessly with USB power. I should suck it up and buy some minty boosts, huh? I already have a 9V battery supply I'd like to use instead. I've soldered together two Wave Shields at this point, and both have this same problem. I attempted to use on an older NG and no dice as well. I figure it's human error, but I'd like to know so I can progress with this project.

Steve, Sorry for the delay. I tested my Wave shield with the Freeduino I have and it works ok when powered from 4xAA batteries connected to the external power jack. I just had to move the jumper from "USB" to "EXT". So, it's not the wave shield.