waveform generating only after resetting Arduino Due

Hello Everyone,

I was generating different signals from my Arduino Due using this official example ,I uploaded the code providing by the website and checking the output ADC pin with my Oscilloscope(without opening the Serial monitor or anything on my computer). I can see the signal in the very first attempt of the code being upload.

But when i disconnects the board and reconnected back to my PC and probe the same output ADC pin (without opening the Serial monitor or anything on my computer), it’s not generating any kind of signals but a noise, I’ve to manually press the reset button on the Arduino Due board to get the signals again.

Arduino Due has internal ‘Boot on Reset’ feature as far as i know, then why this is happening.

The pictures of the signals ‘Before the reset’ and ‘After the reset’ is attached with this post, Please have a look

Please help me

Thanks :frowning:

Well known issue, if you power off Due for more than 4 seconds (sometimes more than 7 seconds are needed), it will not directly start at power on. People did hardware modifications in this postings thread, but they did not work for my Due's:

Good news is that a restart because of some voltage spike never will last 4 seconds or more, so in that case Due will restart as you expect it.