Waveshare 5.83in B/W/R GxEPD2 issues

So I have this screen which i believe to be the version 2 which is 648x480 None of the 5.83 profiles will work. I was able to get the GxEPD2_3C<GxEPD2_750c_Z08 to control the screen. Text works perfectly and the 3 colors work fine. Images are another story. It could be they are just sized wrong. I even tried the code from waveshare and still couldnt get it to work.

Library Version: 1.37

E-paper: Waveshare 5.83in B/W/R possible V2

MCU: ESP32 and Arduino Mega 2560

So this is your issues? You need to be more specific. What did you try and what was the result.

I see that GxEPD2_Example has no test or code for 648x480 3-color bitmaps. I don't consider this as an issue, but might improve this if I find example bitmaps from Waveshare or Good Display.


The issue is the display does not respond to anything useing the 5.83 constructor. I did get text to work useing GxEPD2_3C<GxEPD2_750c_Z08 constructor. My question is. Will useing the wrong one do any damage or anything to screen. I can create the images myself. Just wanted to know if i was on the right track.
Image data from waveshare is here

Aha, this easily gets overlooked. It is the constructor for a 7.5" 3-color display that happens to have the same controller.

You seem to have a display with the 5.83 inch high resolution red e-paper display three colors, GDEW0583Z83 panel.

I don't have that panel nor that Waveshare display. Therefore it is not supported by GxEPD2.

I don't know, but I don't expect. Parameters may be wrong, but waveform and driving voltages are taken from OTP, so I don't expect ghosting (sort of burn-in) or lasting ghosting.