WaveShare e-ink 2in9 with Arduino MKR1000 instead of Uno

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have 2.9 inch e-ink WaveShare screen and I tested it on uno with corrected library and demo code from this site.
It work perfect, but I want to use Arduino MKR1000 instead of Uno and I have troubles because it doesn't work - probably because of wrong pin connection. I tried to figure it out by myself by using pinout schemes but I don't see e.g. SPI/SS pin on MKR1000. Could somebody please tell me how to connect it properly?
Should I change something in library too?

Sorry for newbie question, I'm a beginner :frowning:

Pin connection in Uno looks like this:
DIN > D11
CLK > D13
CS > D10
DC > D9
RST > D8

Hi Miodas,

This is what I use in GxEPD2:

// Arduino MKR1000 or MKRZERO

// mapping suggestion for Arduino MKR1000 or MKRZERO
// note: can't use SS on MKR1000: is defined as 24, should be 4
// BUSY -> 5, RST -> 6, DC -> 7, CS-> 4, CLK -> 9, DIN -> 8

From: https://github.com/ZinggJM/GxEPD2/blob/master/examples/GxEPD2_Example/GxEPD2_boards_added.h


Hi ZinggJM!
You have no idea how grateful I am, not enough that you gave me answer for connection problem, you also gave me info about very nice library!

Thank you a lot! Now I can continue work on my little project :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!