Waveshare e-Paper flexible examples

has anyone more examples for the flexible Waveshare e-Papers? Especially for the 2.9" one.
The examples from Waveshare (e-Paper/Arduino at master · waveshare/e-Paper · GitHub, all the "d" types) are too simple and incomplete.
I need the partial refresh!

Thank you!

Hi Chregu,

welcome to the forum. Please read General Guidance and How to use the Forum if not done yet.

For questions regarding e-paper display use, I need information about the e-paper panel used, the connection board used, the processor board used, and the library or demo code used.
Preferably all with clickable links. This is also for the benefit of any reader of your post.

Your e-paper: 296×128, 2.9inch flexible E-Ink raw display panel

It is equal to the panel from Good Display: 2.9 inch flexible 4 grayscale e ink display module e paper display buy epd display manufacture GDEW029I6F

On the page of the Good Display product you find a link to the IC Driver specs download:

Both Waveshare and Good Display also sell this 2.9" e-paper panel: 2.9-inch e-paper display black and white 4 grayscale electronic paper display GDEW029T5
With a link to the same IC Driver IL0373.

The GDEW029T5 is supported by my library GxEPD2, which is available through the Library Manager.

There is a good chance that the GDEW029I6F works with GxEPD2 if you select the GxEPD2_290_T5 (GDEW029T5).
The result may be sub-optimal, because the panel may need a different waveform, different waveform table values.

You should first check for available libraries before buying any display for use with Arduino. But I also have broken this rule many times, and got me learning a lot about TFT and e-paper display.

If you need further support for this e-paper you could ask Waveshare to provide a free sample to me, to add support for it to my libraries.


Hi Jean-Marc,

thank you for your answer! I see you are from Switzerland too :-)) For more information of my way see the german language forum at:

The CoG Display i have programmed with success with your GxEPD library also with the original epd library from Waveshare. Unfortunately i could not to make it work the partial refresh with GxEPD.

I mistake to think that the flexible one it's functionally with the same code.

I want to say that normaly i'm not the copy/paste-Arduino-User, and because i'm programming low-level with PIC. I don't need any library and i purchase what i want :-))

Greets Chregu