Waveshare or Pervasive displays

Hi all,

I have got some epc displays from Waveshare and Pervasive.

I am working in a project where I need to display the value of a sensor every 1 s.

Displays from both brands accept partial refresh.

Which one is better for you?

Which one is better for you?

For me it is better if you use the ones from Pervasive. :slight_smile: Then I don't need to warn you about 1s refresh cycles.

But I have no experience with Pervasive e-paper displays.
I read one post claiming Pervasive has faster refresh, but lower resolution.

You don't find many posts about Pervasive e-papers in the Arduino Forum Displays.


Thank you for your answer.

That is why I am asking. I have read the huge waveshare post partially but I cannot find information about Pervasive in the internet (not only in this forum). I also cannot find libraries (just one I think) but information in the datasheet is enough to develop one.

What is the problem with Waveshare and 1s refresh? I am planning to use partial refresh and waveshare display seem to work well in the youtube videos.

This is a video from pervasive using partial refresh

From Waveshare I have seen this one

I also remember that from Waveshare the 1.44" display is the one that works the best with partial refresh.

Then I don’t need to warn you about 1s refresh cycles.

Ok, so this didn’t work. :frowning:

1s refresh cycles is near the limit of what some of the 1.54" b/w e-paper displays or panels of Waveshare or Good Display can achieve (GDEP015OC1, GDEH0154D67). And you need to do full refresh from time to time to get rid of ghosting.

You need to look at the specs for number of refreshes specified, and then calculate life expectancy with 1s refresh cycles. I have produced posts about this, but I am too lazy to go searching.