WaveShield and EthernetShield


Im using an Arduino Duemilanove with a WavShield from adafruit and the standard Ethernetshield attached. In my project I want to use the SD Slot on the WaveShield, the WaveShield itself for audio playback and the ethernet connection.

I put the chip select (CCS) pin of the Waveshields SD card on pin 8 in contrast to the default (pin 10) because the Ethernetshield already uses pin 10. Now I can write to the SD card with the SD library and use the ethernet connection.

My problem is how I can use the WaveShield to play audio from the SD card. When I try the example sketch of the wave library (WaveHC) it only works when the Ethrnetshield is not attached. How can I use both shields? I get an error when the SD card is initialized. I did not find any possibility to tell the WaveHC library that I changed the chip select pin. Where can this be done? Can somebody please help?

Thanks! frsc

I found the answer at this thread: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,64028.0.html
It took me some time to recall my french skills from school but I finally got it. Thanks to rezus and skywodd.

For those of us with even lower French skill levels, would you care to summarize the solution?